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Shaq Is Ready To Beat The Shit Out Of Chuck For Leaving Him Out Of His Top 10 All Time

OK a little backstory here. The other day Kenny Smith went on a podcast and gave his top 10 all time and it was....interesting. When I say interesting what I really mean is absolutely ridiculous. He put LeBron 10th and didn't have Kobe anywhere to be found. The Kobe shit I don't really care about, but how can someone who has spent basically his entire life in the NBA be serious when he says LeBron is 10th all time?!? 

So you knew they were going to talk about it on last night's Inside The NBA return. You could tell he probably saw all the backlash from earlier and then put LeBron "maybe 6th" but even that is ridiculous. But that's not what this blog is about. This is about how things did not disappoint once we got to Chuck giving his list. Shaq's reaction was 100% authentic too which is what makes it all so great. He is legit offended that Chuck would even consider Shaq not being top 10 all time. The second he heard Chuck say he was 11th, 12th, or 13th and those glasses came off was laugh out loud funny. By now we know Chuck is used to saying stupid shit on TV, but I'm also not ruling out that this was an intentional troll to get under Shaq's skin. Their back and fourth is what makes this show so great and maybe Chuck just wanted to give the people what they want.

Like I said last night, having this show back in our lives is just what the doctor ordered. Not only is it the best entertainment money can buy on television, but it also means the return of basketball will be here before you know it. I didn't realize how much I missed watching these dudes every Thursday night, but it took 5 seconds last night to remind me why this show is the GOAT. 

But seriously, you know that shit bothered Shaq and is now the latest chapter in their never ending feud. If you want to debate where Shaq falls all time be my guest, but there is no denying he is the most dominant force we have ever seen