This Softball Player Has A PERFECT Swing And Just Went Crazy Viral

Meet Emma. From what I deduce, (google told me) Emma is a senior in HS that catches and is committed to play softball for the Clemson Tigers. I don't follow college softball at all, but Clemson is Clemson and I'm sure they're really good. This is one of those times where I really want to make fun of the video in pure satirical fashion just because everyone is in awe at the beauty of it. I'd say things like "yeah she's got no shot at covering the outer half against off speed" or "I'd gas her up with my best 91MPH heater" but..... I can't. That swing is pretty fucking flawless. There isn't one thing I can so much as nitpick about it.

Stays inside the ball even when she pulls it.... check.
Gets crazy backspin/carry on the ball.... check
Drives with her back hip and has great torque in her core at contact....

....check check and check. I mean just look at the frozen ropes she's hitting. I could watch it all day. The whole internet seems to have noticed as well:

Sorry for the overdose of humble pie and lack of jokes. I am just a huge sucker for a fundamentally sound swing. Carl and I tried out for the Chicago Bandits two summers back and that's the theme with softball players. They all have short, compact, crisp sound swings and just pepper the ball all over the diamond. If you haven't seen this video, it's arguably the best video we've ever put out and it was a TON of fun filming it. 

If I weren't drunk I would have gone yard though and Jenny Finch is still a yellow belly for backing out of our bet. Smh