Good News For Sports (Maybe, Please): Premier League Is Planning On Starting Its Next Season On September 12 WITH Fans

I have no idea how US sports and the Premier League go hand-in-hand, I'm just trying to convince myself that we have some good news. I'm sick of shit news. I'm sick of writing bad shit. So we're going positive vibes only here (please). The Premier League is planning on starting its new season on September 12 with 30-50% of capacity in the stands. To kinda quote Jim Calhoun, THAT'S NOT BAD

What's happened in the Premier League is actually fascinating. They didn't go full bubble life in terms of putting all the teams in one area and saying okay play here. They let them live at home, put in restrictions and as of earlier this week there were 0 positive tests for coronavirus on the most recent round of testing. 

Now they are turning around with essentially no offseason for a September 12 start for the 2020-21 season. I said it before but give me 30-50% capacity in the stands. Will it look weird? Sure. But it's better than nothing. It's a step in the right direction and you can always go backwards. You can always eliminate fans if there's a problem. 

I'm ready for sports and a sense of normalcy man.