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It Took JR Smith Exactly Less Than 1 Day In The Bubble To Get In Trouble And Receive A Text Telling Him To Stop His Instagram Live

This is exactly why we needed JR Smith in the bubble. I didn't care if it was with the Lakers or Wizards. We needed JR for this exact reason. First he shows up to a room with no blanket or pillow because they didn't think he was going to show up. That alone is laugh out loud funny. Just immediately assuming the new guy was not going to be there. Even he gets a hearty chuckle out of it. 

But this is it. It took less than 24 hours for JR Smith to receive the text telling him to shut down his Instagram live: 

The sigh at the end is one that every single of us has made as a kid. It's the one where you know you're getting in trouble. It's when mom full names your ass and you know there's no way out. You gotta take your punishment and deal with whatever is about to come. Now you might want to know what he's exposing.

It's gas station snacks:

I don't know what the complaint is here. That looks fucking delicious. You got some Sweedish Fish, you got Starburst, you got a Snickers bar. I'm personally a gummy kinda guy so my top gas station snacks and I'm talking true snack aisle snacks: 

1. Starburst

2. Sour Patch Kids

3. Cow tails

4. Twizzlers

5. Slim Jim

But this is all that matters. Think about it - he was in the bubble for what? 2 hours? 3 hours max? And he's already getting texts from people saying to shut down his Instagram Live. I'm sure it was LeBron texting him telling him to go Zero Dark 30 23. But if JR is doing this just hours into bubble life, imagine what we're going to get in a month. He's instantly became must-watch. 

PS: If they aren't drug testing for weed in Orlando, that snack package just became a tad more elite.