Brie Larson Apparently Has The Singing Voice Of An Angel, Which Is Completely Unfair

I mean what the hell was that? Here I am trying to scroll the internet at 2am and fall asleep and boom Brie Larson just has this incredible singing voice she's been hiding the whole time? You've crossed the line Brie. You can't sing like that while also being a wildly talented and successful movie star along with everything else you try your hand in. How do you expect mediocre people like myself to handle this? Is Brie going to start covering every song ever made and make them better than the original? She'll probably drop an EP before we know it. A whole album that's number one on the Billboard 200 by the end of the calendar year. Yeahhh, just be great at everything. 

She also started her own YouTube channel last week for shits and gigs. In just that short span of time she has over 225,000 subscribers with her only video gathering a measly 1.4 million views. She's perfect with everything she attempts. Remember when she filled in for Jimmy Kimmel as a late night talk show host? If not I advise you to click the video below and get with the times. 

(Shout out to Jamie Foxx for playing this cool the whole time. Many men would have failed in his spot.)

Just give me one thing to be marginally decent at. One single thing. Let me be really good at chess or ping pong, can't even do that well. Had a chess coach in elementary school. Why I legit have no clue. Did my parents think I had a future in chess? Do they know how stupid my brain is? Certainly didn't get better in the slightest and it was the biggest waste of time ever. Brie Larson could probably start blogging and be the funniest, most well-written author in the world. It's frustrating to say the least. 

We stan a queen. 

P.S. Anyone who didn't like her as Captain Marvel can go kick rocks as far as I'm concerned. I enjoyed that movie very much so.