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Wake Up With Alex Bregman Showing Off The Glove At Third

Say what you want about Alex Bregman, but you can't deny that he is a phenomenal baseball player. We're wrapping up third baseman's week with another one of my favorites, Alex Bregman. And sure, some of these plays were at short, but he's a third baseman. Guy is incredibly smooth with the glove, has an insane arm, may be the best in the AL at the coming in barehanded play too. The one where he got Dee Gordon, sheesh! His college defensive highlights are some of the best things on Youtube, he is just a spark plug. And again, say what you want, call him a cheater, whatever. The guy can flat out play. You're insane if you wouldn't want Bregman on your side. We haven't even talked about the bat, but even if I throw stats out people will say its cuz the trash can banging, and that's fair, so I won't bring it up. But just watch him in the field, what an exciting player to watch.

Enjoy your weekend, friends.