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Welp, It Sounds Like There Will Be A 2nd Round Of Bidding For The Mets But Steve Cohen Reportedly Placed A Bid

I imagine most Mets fans spent July 9th having wet daydreams of Steve Cohen, with even fans of other teams giving us a tug or three along the way.

Not to mention our beat writers.

But if Laura Goldman says that there is another round of bids coming, that's all I need to hear since she's never steered me wrong. That also means Steve Cohen didn't throw his dick along with a giant bag of money on the table to lock up the Mets in Round 1 like we hoped, but it sounds like Round 1 was just to weed out the contenders from pretenders. All that matters for us Mets fans is that Cohen appears to actually be in the bidding.

To the bidder(s) that are not named Steve Cohen, I just want you to know I will never call you my real dad. Steve Cohen is my dad, my rich uncle, and my savior all wrapped in $100 money bands. The Wilpons are still trash but you will never be Steve Cohen. Please let him take what's rightfully his and maybe he won't try to sink everything you love like a real life Terry Benedict.

Now we sit and wait for good news to emerge from Citi Field.