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It Feels Great To Finally Have 'Inside The NBA' Back In Our Lives

When I saw that tweet this morning, I spent pretty much all day repeatedly looking at the clock until 8pm ET. If it feels like its been a lifetime since we've seen the greatest show on television that's because it has been approximately 15 years and not a day sooner. My excitement wasn't just because we were going to finally get Ernie, Chuck, Kenny and Shaq back on our televisions, but it also means basketball is happening and is right around the corner. Now it's real. We're really doing this and nobody has any idea what to expect. 

Once things got going, it didn't take long for them to get right back into their old form.  

Tell me that's not exactly what this quarantine hell has been missing. We all need the humor and fun these four bring and I'm not even totally sure Shaq is currently on this planet. It feels great to be back even if they aren't in studio. Doesn't matter to me, just get these four together, turn a camera on and watch the magic happen.