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Pat Beverley Showed Up To The Bubble With A Bunch Of Extra White T-Shirts To Sell To Other Players Who Underpacked

Confession time: I'm addicted to whatever Pat Beverley does. I find him so goddamn entertaining and fascinating. Of course he showed up with a million extra white t-shirts with the plan on selling them to guys who underpacked. Of all the people in the NBA to do that, Pat Bev was -400000 on the board. Now you might ask who would show up without a damn t-shirt. Well, look at Romeo Langford: 

Pat Bev just found his sucker. Of all the people made for bubble life, it's Pat Bev. He's probably jazzed up just to go hang out in Orlando and play hoops. He doesn't care. Remember the dude bounced from the Ukraine to Greece to Russia before finally getting a chance to play in the NBA. He doesn't care about conditions. Plus his room is a pretty sweet setup. He's got his sage like he said and his t-shirts. What more can a man want?