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Liverpool Legend Steven Gerrard Tearing His Dick So Bad During A Match The Doctor Was Scarred Is The Most Horrifying Thing You'll Read Today

[Source] - “I looked down and saw blood everywhere and thought, ‘Wow, that must be really sore’. “I was trying to think back to my medical training and nowhere in my training does it teach you how to stitch a penis.

“I thought, ‘I don’t want the first penis I’ve stitched to be Steven Gerrard’s but it was’.”

“I said to Brendan, ‘Look, I’ve got a problem here…’ I nodded down to my privates.

‘There’s a big gash … it’s bleeding,’ I said.

“Chris acted quickly. He called a few of the backroom team over and they formed a little huddle so no one else could see what we were doing as I opened up my shorts.

"Brendan peered down, grimaced and shook his head.”

Alright, first off, NOPE. Don't need to be thinking about stitches in your dick, but since I read the story you gotta read it too. This is the play that caused the injury back in the day: 


An innocent looking slide tackle it appears. Hell, he even gets up and immediately starts talking shit. He's unaware that his dick is sliced open. I always wonder what the worst injury would be. You hear something like a broke kneecap and I freak out at that. There's fingers dangling like Ronnie Lott. There's the broken back. But a severed penis is now my No. 1 injury I never want to experience. 

I feel for the doctor here too. Don't get me wrong Steven Gerrard is in the worst spot, but the doctor is a close second. Not only does he have to look and examine a severed penis, he's gotta stitch it up. One wrong move or one wrong stitch and you got a broken dick for life. You can't have that on you. Like he said, it's not like he had experience with a severed dick before too. 

Just an absolutely horrifying story.