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REAL OR FAKE: This Is The ID That Was Used To Allegedly Give Zion Williamson $400,000 While He Was Playing At Duke

I know my way around fake ID's, that's a real ass ID. That's Zion Williamson. I don't need the investigation into the lack of shadow around his ears or the fact he's listed at 6'6", 284. We don't know if that's in shoes or not. We also know that there was a debate about whether Zion was fat or muscle in college. 284 doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility. How do we know he didn't use a fake Zion ID? This is the realest ID I've seen since McLovin. 

Again, we live in a world where things just happen. How do we know K didn't plant this 'fake' ID? It seems like something he would do. He has connections and shit. Seems like a very K like move, since he somehow always seems to avoid getting in trouble despite being super obvious about shit. 

So I ask you, is this a real or fake ID?