The Mets And Yankees Are Scheduled To Play Each Other Next Season On The 4th Of July And The 20th Anniversary Of 9/11


Did...did Major League Baseball actually do something that makes sense?!? Can we get definitive proof that Rob Manfred is still alive and not been replaced by someone with a functioning brain? Should I be expecting a follow up to the schedule release that these games will only be available on Pay-Per-View for $49.99 with proceeds going directly to the owners' pockets?

I saw a tiny bit of outrage on the outrage app commonly known as Twitter about the Mets being in Canada on 9/11 this year and I get it. Anybody that lived through that rotten day that scarred the city as well as Mike Piazza's legendary home run that healed it just a little understands just how important that date and baseball is to the Tri-State Area. But since MLB owners have proven how little they care about the fans during their negotiations for this season, just having games this year feels like a victory no matter where they are.

However, they completely redeemed themselves now that we will have savage idiot Mets fans yelling about how things are changing now that Uncle Stevie is (HOPEFULLY) the owner, gabagool blockhead Yankees fans will be yelling about 27 rings (they don't get a ring if you win the Corona Series), and the worst people in the city are celebrating because its such a wonderful day for a NEW YORK baseball fan.

If the NBA can turn Jesus' birthday into a day you share competing against a hated rival, there's no reason baseball can't do the same with our nation's birthday and our city's day of mourning in a town that loves the sport. In fact, I really dig that both New York teams will be in the same ballpark 20 years after that horrid incident happened mere miles away in Manhattan and I wouldn't hate if they kept that tradition every year for as long as they can. 


Then again, if Manfred is actually still commissioner, both teams will be playing a midseason series in Japan on 9/11/22 while banning them from doing anything on the field to honor what happened 21 years earlier. Luckily the Mets have a guy like Pete Alonso who just gets what it means to be the face of a sport this city is obsessed with.

True King of New York shit.

P.S. While every baseball fan is circling their calendars for the dates of next season's best matchups, this is what I picture COVID-21 is doing in some bat's womb right now:

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P.P.S. As the Barstool Blogger Code states, every time you mention the Piazza post-9/11 home run, you better include it in your blog or fax over your resignation.