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Good Ol' JR Is A Gem And A Half

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I fucking love good ol JR. Look at the date on that video. Look at that watermark! And today he RTs it onto everyone's timeline like the absolute gem that he is. JR is one of the last great slices of Americana, the voice of your childhood, an absolute treasure. Up there with Bob Barker as someone whose voice and style will be remembered forever. A legend who thanks to the internet will never leave us. And today he shows up on my timeline RT'ing a Barstool clip, a Vine no less....from 2014! 



Amazing throwback. No idea how he or his team found it, but boy am I glad they did. By the way, who knew some Vines still played? I thought everything with a Vine was wiped from the internet forever? This is a great development because while he's at it, maybe JR can dig up this Vine too


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