Perhaps It's Not The Best Time To Be Spit Shinning Baskets At The Grocery Store


A Toronto woman says she was left shocked and disgusted after she saw a cleaner at a grocery store spitting on a towel and then wiping down grocery baskets with it.

The incident was recorded on July 5 at a FreshCo location on Bathurst and Nassau. In the video exclusively obtained by CityNews, a cleaner is seen using a small white towel to wipe down baskets. At one point, he appears to spit into the towel and continues wiping down the baskets.

I'm no expert by any means - quite the opposite, actually - but something tells me you shouldn't be doing this. Particularly in the midst of a global pandemic involving a virus that is spread via things like saliva. 

You might as well not even clean the goddamn basket. He's not even remotely close to exterminating the germs which is the whole point of cleaning them in the first place! Couldn't do a worse job if he tried. If anything he's only adding germs on top of it all. Perhaps someone should have a word with him because it appears he's been stuck under a rock for the past four months.

Even if the world wasn't dealing with coronavirus, this is still a psycho move. The only explanation for it that this guy is a career basket washer and he won't change his ways, no matter what. It's really the only explanation. It's almost like he doesn't work in a grocery store that is probably stocked with cleaning materials. 

Spit shining is easily the most absurd, unnecessary way to clean a shopping basket. Hell, if he had just run his cloth under some water with just a dash of soap, it would've been 1000x better. Literally anything other than his own saliva would've been a better cleaning tool.

Shopping baskets, in general, are kind of the worst. Regardless of the volume of old man spit used to clean them. They're just the worse version of a cart with twice the effort. The basket sounds convenient at first but it's all fun and games until you're virtually dragging the thing across the store. I'm convinced that carrying milk in a shopping basket could easily be an Olympic sport. There's not a heavier object in the world and you can't convince me otherwise. 

If it's a small enough quantity, you can just carry the fucking groceries in your hand. No need for a basket whatsoever. Anything larger than that goes in a cart. Pretty simple. Nothing worse than seeing the basket heroes walk around the grocery store carrying 50 items in that little thing. Like we get it, you have muscles and wanna show off. Dickhead.

Anyways, carrying on...

“I couldn’t believe that. I was in shock…I feel sick,” says Marta Casimiro, the customer who recorded the video. She adds that the cleaner continued on to wipe down grocery carts with the same towel as well.

Marta tells CityNews she first began recording because she noticed the baskets were very dirty when she entered the store. She intended to show the manager that the cleaner was not doing a good job of wiping them down when she coincidentally caught what she calls the “unacceptable” act on video.

So this guy isn't even good at spit shining? What the hell? I figured this would be a case of doing anything to keep your star in the rotation. I expected these baskets to be spotless, that this guy is a black-belt spit shiner. Not the case. If the baskets are dirty to the point where customers are noticing, maybe it's time to find a new cleaner. Someone that'll make those suckers shine. Someone that'll turn baskets into the premier grocery hauling device. Unlikely but that's the type of guy they need.

I'm sure this grocery chain is gonna release some long, thought out an apology - those seem to be all the rage these days - to try to get people to come back. Maybe they could get this cleaner a new position where he isn't tempted to spit-shine. The store could even fuck around and get him his very own container of Lysol wipes.