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The NBA Is Partnering With A Well-Known Chef And Other Restaurants For Delivery After Their Shitty Quarantine Meal Went Viral

Oh you just so happen to be partnering with this cook and these restaurants? I'm sure it had nothing to do with Troy Daniels posting this: 

I'm sure the plan all along was to partner with this cook and all these restaurants - which just so happen to be owned by the Rockets owner. I just want them to come out and be honest with a press release or news like this once. Just say like 'hey, yeah, we fucked up with the original quarantine meal. We know it's a shitty look. This will help!' and then have a picture of Joe's Crab Shack which looks better than what it actually is. 

They even made sure to update what entertainment is allowed after Evan Fournier vlogged him getting an adult coloring book: 

I need all cameras on Boban when he goes into an amusement park. That's all I care about now. Well that and gambling stories from the course. But other than that just give me a full camera on Boban. Just imagine that large, goofy motherfucker on a roller coaster or Splash Mountain. Need to see it.

Either way, I can't wait for Bubble Life. There are going to be so many complaints and so much disaster. It's going to be just wildly entertaining from an off the court standpoint. Sidenote, who isn't picking the nicer chain steakhouse over the chain seafood place for dinner? Seems like a no-brainer.