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How Do You Properly Do A Supermarket Sweep Reboot? You Let David Ruprecht And His Sweet Ass Shirts Host It Like He Wants To

I haven't hid the fact I think Supermarket Sweep is one of the 5 best gameshows for me. This is my top-10: 

1. Stump The Schwab
2. Two Minute Drill
3. Jeopardy
4. Supermarket Sweep
5. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
6. Family Feud
7. Price is Right
8. Wheel of Fortune
9. Cash Cab
10. Where in the world is Carmen San Diego

I've been binging the hell out of Supermarket Sweep on Amazon Prime. Just a great show, even for how ridiculous some of the early 90s seasons are when it costs roughly 99 cents for a box of Oreos. And I know they are planning on having Leslie Jones do the reboot but scrap all of that. You can't have David Ruprecht say he wants to do something and not have him host. The dude is awesome - as are his sweet shirts

Now, do I need it on at night? Absolutely not. There is enough on TV that this gets pushed down the list a bit. But this was and is a perfect day time television show. If you didn’t toss this on during those sick days from school or during break, I’ll call you a damn liar to your face.

What made the show so great is you had a little bit of everything. You had the Price is Right type feel when they’d announce the contestants depending on what grocery store item they were holding. You had some trivia to start the game. You had racing. You had money being tossed around. Then of course you had the strategy in terms of getting the turkey vs other items.

Bring it back and let David host. Can't believe the guy even had to audition for something. He should have walked in, put on tape of him hosting this for years prior and said 'yeah so show me someone else who has done that.' Boom, hired.