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Dallas Superintendent Says It's Unlikely There Will Be Texas High School Football This Year


Oh baby! RIP anyone who was foolish enough to think there would be sports of any kind this fall (me and also not me, depending on what day it was). I don't want to say this is the clearest example that football is on life support but that's exactly what it is. I mean we're talking about TEXAS and FOOTBALL and they're like, "yeah that's probably not going to happen." 

Do you know how dangerous a statement that is to make? I went down to West Virginia a few weeks ago and went to lunch at an Applebees, because obviously, and when I walked in wearing a mask people looked at me thinking, "That's some fuckin blue state shit right there." I can't even imagine what it's like in Texas. So now we're going to tell a bunch of folks who probably don't think that coronavirus is real or that it's a government hoax or that it's fake news that they can't watch the 16 year old from down the street get CTE under the lights on Friday night because of it? Wooooo mama. 

Remember in Michigan when they stormed the state house because they couldn't get haircuts? I heard people in Michigan don't even really like haircuts that much, folks in Texas LOVE football.