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Jeff D Lowe Is Forcing WhiteSoxDave To Wear A Blindfold In Order To Participate In "The Dozen" This Morning

In about 30 minutes we'll be revving up the engines on the 4th edition of the closest episodes The Dozen has ever broadcasted. No disrespect or offense to my colleagues. Just facts remain that the Chicago Boys answering obscure questions makes for great theater and drama while Brandon Walker's tears serve as the perfect mixer to this entertainment cocktail. Naturally we're leading the series 2-1 or else I wouldn't be talking that kinda shit. But we are, so I am. 

Here's another consequence of victory = no one believes that WSD is actually good at trivia. Some would argue he's the best in Barstool Chicago and you'd have a good case. He demonstrated throughout quarantine on Barstool At Night (RIP) that he can be a formidable opponent. 

Nevertheless, allegations surfaced after our last match that may or may not be unfounded. I'm not here to argue their validity, just repeat that formal sanctions have been implemented. This is no laughing matter (yes it is) 

So now we'll have Eddie in the room behind a blindfolded WSD, monitoring behavior and ensuring compliance with the fresh sanctions. Yes it makes me slightly uncomfortable Jeff D Lowe got one of our own guys to play hall monitor but at the same time, if we lack integrity, we lack everything. I wholeheartedly understand Eddie's commitment to that mission and hope he knows the answer to the question we inevitably use our Phone-A-Friend on for him. 

Trivia tee-time is 25 minutes at 10am Central on the main page. See you guys there.