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Incredible Video Of Ex College Football Player Phillip Blanks Rescuing A Baby Being Thrown Out Of A Burning Building

Source - A former college football receiver just made a LIFE-SAVING highlight -- catching a 3-year-old child thrown from a burning building ... and it was all captured on video.

28-year-old Phillip Blanks -- who played at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, CA -- was at his home in Phoenix when he saw a nearby apartment was ablaze.

Blanks decided to check out the scene to see if he could help and noticed a 30-year-old mother preparing to throw her child off the balcony.

Blanks -- who is also a retired U.S. Marine -- immediately knew what he had to do  and sprinted to the ground below to save the boy from hitting the ground.

The Video: 


Absolutely insane. Most people in the back of their head wonder how they would react in a situation like that, and all of them hope it's like Phillip Blanks. He didn't think twice he just spring into action and because he did, he was able to save that child's life. 

His comments after the rescue: 

"Instinct. There wasn't much thinking. I just reacted. I just did it," Blanks told ABC7.

"The guy who was there with me  it looked like he wasn't going to catch him. So that's why I stepped in. I just wanted to make a better catch.

Tragically, the mother did not survive the fire, but because of her actions and the actions of Phillip Blanks, her children did. Thoughts and prayers to the family and thank God for Phil. This is a serious blog but one that I wanted to post as a reminder that there are good people out there. Hug your loved ones, life can change in an instant.