Barstool Edmonton Smokeshow Of The Day - Zack Kassian

Yesterday I wrote a blog about how I'm worry for all the enforcers out there who will no longer have a role once the NHL gets going again and they won't be able to fight due to social distancing. Well guess what?

I'm no longer worried about Zack Kassian. 

Because those mutton chops are primed and ready to go for the playoffs. That's how you enforce out there without even needing to lay a hand on anybody. You think someone is going to even think about taking a shot at McDavid when they look over and see those chops staring them down? You don't want to have to answer to those chops in the hotel lobby after the game. He may only get a few games out of them before it's time to pack it back up for the year, but he will have done his job during those games. He had his guy. Maybe even toss on a pair of aviators just for good measure. 

And if for some reason the Oilers don't choke and they actually make a little run in the playoffs? Kassian better keep the chops rolling the rest of the way. Don't let the full beard grow out. I need to see how greasy these bad boys can get. 

P.S. - Yes, I am aware this is not the first time that Zack Kassian has busted out the mutton chops before. Doesn't make them any less glorious.