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British Kid Gets Dumped After A Few 'Quiet Sunday Beers' With A Friend Turned Into A Drunken One-Way Flight To Party In Ibiza

[Source] - Brad Duff met up with Reece Lornie for a few beers at home on a Sunday night - but six hours later found themselves at the Ibiza Rocks hotel.

The 19-year-old plumbers from Dundee looked up flights online while chatting and could not resist jetting 1,700 miles on a £150-each one-way ticket to the party island.

But the trip to paradise did not go entirely as planned when Brad's furious girlfriend dumped him after being sent a smug selfie.

What a fucking play! What a move! I love this. There are very few things I enjoy more than a Sunday that gets away from you. The surprise Sunday drunk is a top-5 drunk. You say you're just going to meet a friend for a couple beers and lunch. You split the first bucket of beers and they go down to smooth. Next thing you know you're chatting it up with people around you and maybe you drop a shot or two. More buckets of beer. Next thing you know you're in Ibiza after connecting in Amsterdam. What a goddamn Sunday! 

At the same time anyone in a relationship knows that your significant other thinks the surprise drunk is a bottom-5 drunk. They don't want to deal with your ass after thinking you're just going to have 3-4 beers and call it an afternoon. Knowing all of that makes this quote even funnier to me: 


"Brad came to mine on Sunday and we were having a couple of drinks. I've no idea how we got on to talk about holidays but we ended up on the internet and found a good deal to get to Ibiza.

"We bought a one-way flight out here and six hours later we were here. We were just sitting in mine having a drink and next thing you know we're in Ibiza.

"Brad's girlfriend has left him because of this, she went mental at him.

"Obviously she didn't know we were coming out here because we didn't and then she woke up on Monday morning with a photo from us saying we were in Ibiza."

Every great story starts with 'I don't know how we even got here or what made us do this, but it happened.' Typically it doesn't involve a 6 hour flight to Ibiza, but what do I know? I'm not in England. I'm not Brad - of course it was a Brad. But the 'obviously she didn't know we were coming out here' is so fucking perfect. Uh, ya think dude? 

I wish this is something we could have more people do. No one gives a shit because this guy is 19 and relationships don't mean shit at 19. But I need someone who is like 30 to just get a one-way trip with a buddy and send a picture on a Monday morning from Vegas or a beach somewhere. Imagine how pissed you'd be waking up on a Monday morning and it's just a smiling picture of your significant other drunk as fuck at one of the best party places in the world. This is straight out of a horrible movie plot. 

This kid doesn't live a real life: 

"God knows when we'll be home. We need to get a return sorted soon though because I've got work.

"I rang my boss the next day and told him what had happened. He was alright about it, he just said 'you only live once'."

What boss says that? Feel like that's one you just lie to your boss. Lie about being sick or that something happened and just use that vacation time. Either way, what a ridiculous Sunday beer turned party story. I love it. Need more wild cards in your crew that are willing to go to Ibiza on a whim just to party. Feel like that would be Carl here. That's the type of guy I could see sucking down a few cold ones at like 1130am and ending up in Vegas at 1130pm.