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Naturally, The Celtics Are Eating Like Kings In Orlando

The new hot trend on social media right now is NBA players clowning the bubble and putting their food on blast. It can be funny at times but also a little weird given everything going on in the world right now. We've seen Troy Daniels and some other guys like Joe Ingles

make it look like these players are eating prison food or some shit. Well, it sucks to play for those poverty franchises I guess. Because you knew once the Celts touched down in the bubble Enes Kanter was going to document everything and put it on social, and it's pretty clear that the Celtics are eating like kings (bubble edition). You can try and shit on his dinner if you want, but I guarantee his dinner was better than like 37% of stoolies reading this blog. That's about as full balanced of a meal as you could possibly concoct. Gordon Ramsey wouldn't even shit on that spread. Sucks for everyone else but the Celts are eatin' good. I find this funny because the Nuggets and Jazz are staying in the same hotel as the Celts, yet Kanter's dinner looks better than all the other pictures we've seen. I don't hate it. 

I also will not ignore the humble factor here. While other players are making jokes and coming off like this food is beneath them, Kanter is appreciative. I'll take anything for an edge in this weird ass bubble and who knows, maybe this helps make the Basketball Gods be favorable to Kanter. Maybe they won't make him turn it over every time he touches the ball or maybe he'll somehow be respectable in drop coverage now. You never know. 

We also had Tatum sharing his meal

and I ask you, who doesn't love fettuccine alfredo? That's an elite Ocean Spray flavor too. Sometimes star players really do get special treatment.

All in all I'd say the pursuit towards Banner 18 is off to a good start now that I know we don't have to worry about the quality of the Celts meals. Of course they would be good. This is the greatest franchise in the NBA. It wouldn't shock me if their food came from an entirely different kitchen or some shit. Let's fucking go.

Now we can shift our worry to everyone staying focused and inside their room for 3 months. Just game your dicks off, go to practice, and destroy opponents on the floor. Wash, rinse, repeat and I'll see everyone at the parade.


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