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Wake Up With Jamal Crawford's 50 Burger From Last Season

He's back! As of last night Jamal Crawford is officially a Brooklyn Net and will be making his way to the bubble. All it took was 80% of the Nets roster opting out of Orlando but who cares. Jamal Crawford finally has his shot to show everyone he still has some basketball left in the tank. The last time we saw him play was that video above where he dropped 51 on the Mavs, but nobody gave him a shot all year. Sure he might be a little long in the tooth but he's still a player that can get hot in an instant. Jamal Crawford is the very definition of microwave offense.

Now that the Nets really only have Caris LeVert as a scorer, I hope Crawford just lets it fly. I have no idea how he and the other new signing Michael Beasley are going to fit but I know the Nets just became much more watchable down in Orlando. Such a random collection of players it's either going to be awesome or a disaster. I'm pretty sure they have more roster spots to fill too. May as well bring in Isaiah too and just try and score 150 points a night while also giving up 149.

I'm just happy Crawford got his chance because now we get to see if he can back it all up. He wasn't too quiet about not getting an opportunity so let's see what you can do.