Ohio State Has Paused Voluntary Workouts After Recent Round Of Coronavirus Testing

The outlook on the college football season is really bleak right now. There's no other way to say it. We are just a few weeks away from training camps slated to begin. Under 60 days away from the first games. 

As much as I want to point to Notre Dame having 0 positive tests in their recent round of testing, without all schools having those results, the positivity is borderline useless. There are so many factors that need to be perfect for this season to happen on time and time is not on the side of college football anymore. 

As I was traveling home after we recorded Unnecessary Roughness today and I saw the tweet from Brett McMurphy, it was the first time I truly thought to myself "wow, the season isn't going to happen." Maybe that makes me dumb as I'm sure I'll be told in the comments that ever believing the season was gonna happen was idiotic, but that realization I had? It hurt man. It hurt real bad. There are a lot of important issues in this world and I'm blessed to care so much about a dumb sport, but the thought of my fall not being full of college football? Pain. Nothing but pain.