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Jim Harbaugh Has The Coronavirus Takes

Back in April, Jim Harbaugh let the world know that Covid-19 is a message from God. Yes, he even brought abortion into the mix:

While the game of football has been put on pause, at least physically, Harbaugh believes there is a silver lining to come from all of this. He sees more people concerned about others, more prayer — all while reiterating that “God has virtually stopped the world from spinning.”

“I don’t think it’s coincidence, personally, living a faith-based life,” Harbaugh said. “This is a message — this is something where, a time we grow in our faith. Having reverence and respect for God. You see people taking more a view of sanctity of life. I hope that continues — and not just in this time of crisis or pandemic.

"We talk about sanctity of life, yet we live in a society that aborts babies. There can’t be anything more horrendous.”

From that point forward, we didn't hear a lot from Harbaugh on the COVID-19 front. I'm all for free speech, but the COVID-19 takes from college football coaches? Probably best to stay away from them. They benefit nobody. 

Today, Harbaugh dove right back into the COVID-19 takes. 

I do have to say that Harbaugh is not wrong, football did not spread coronavirus. 

The funniest part about this take was it was done via Zoom with this background:

Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 2.39.15 PM.png

It is worth noting that the quote from Harbaugh above comes a bit out of context:

Before the quote that went viral on Twitter, Harbaugh mentions that if it becomes clear that COVID-19 has gotten to the point where campuses and athletics need to shut down, then that's what needs to happen. He also advocates for safety measures being put in place.