Rugby Player Fractures His Face In Half, Throws It Back Together With A Quick 20 Screws - The Canberra Raiders are heading into this weekend's clash against the Melbourne Storm, with some holes down the middle. 

John Bateman, Corey Horsburgh and Sia Soliola all have indefinite return dates as they recover from surgery and Emre Guler is out until at least round 17 with an ankle injury.

Soliola had surgery today, after fracturing his face on the weekend. He hasn't been able to eat solid food, instead blending food to drink through a straw.

I gotta be honest here, I'm having a bit of an identity crisis here. I mean I've spent so many years pounding the drum of "hockey players are the toughest athletes in the world". And while that's still absolutely the case for the 4 major sports in North America...well how can you possibly compete with what we just saw right there? This absolute monster of a human being cracked his fucking face in half and he just soaked it. He stayed on his feet and just walked off the field like it was nothing more than a jammed finger. Soaked it. And if you're curious about how bad the fracture actually was? Well consider this your warning to go grab a puke bucket real quick.




About as broken of a face as could possibly be. Clean across the middle. And he just walked himself off the field like it was nothing. I bet this maniac even ended up driving himself to the hospital. And speaking of the hospital, here's the after picture. 

20 screws up in that face. Buddy has an entire aisle of Home Depot lodged into his skull now. 

It's just that maybe rugby players are hockey players who were just born in Australia or New Zealand where there's not a ton of ice. Just a bunch of sick bastards who eat pain for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

By the way--I understand the argument about how not wearing helmets actually makes rugby safer because guys need to be smarter when tackling. But that still doesn't change the fact that they are psychopaths for going out there and running full speed at each other without a single piece of padding. Insane people.