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Billy Joel Playing A Random Piano On A Long Island Sidewalk Is Perfection


Now I know this is Barstool Sports...It's a national brand these days with readers from all across the country so I know some of you may not give a fuck about Billy Joel playing the piano on a random sidewalk in Huntington, Long Island, but I sure DO for obvious reasons. If there was ever a time for a Barstool Long Island tab at the top of the page it would be this very moment. Like what would be, say, Barstool Philly's dream story? Picture the actual Rocky Balboa shadow boxing on a sidewalk in South Philly...that's literally the equivalent of this.

I was sent this video earlier today & have legitimately been staring at it with the joy of a 45-year-old dad watching his son hit a little league home run for the first time. I mean it's genuinely perfect...Just the GAWD himself hopping off his motorcycle to give a piano waiting to be thrown out a whirl before it's taken away. He undoubtedly saved that piano's life. Some would say he's a hero.

Now granted, I have no fucking idea what all the piano lingo he says means, although when he dropped that "at least donate to St. Vincent De Paul or something" I damn near fell out of my chair from laughter. St. Vincent De Paul is an awesome cause & I've been donating my (probably too oversized for the recipients) clothes to them since I can remember, but every one of us have heard our Dads say that exact quote thousands of time. You go "Hey Dad let's throw out that old couch in the basement" there's an automatic response of "at least donate to St. Vincent De Paul or something". It's like they're reading from a fucking script and it's beautiful to see our King still reads from his.

And the cherry on top of all of this is the video being posted by an account titled "longislandwiseguy". How can a scenario be so perfect?