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Barstool Started A Late Night $DOGE Club and KFC Might Have Mushed It the Same Night

So there is a little clique forming in the wee hours of the night on Twitter. It's called the Barstool Doge Club, after the Doge meme and the recent craze around the bitcoin named after it. 

The trend started on Tik Tok--- where a bunch of 14-year-old Gordon Geckos inadvertently started a pump and dump scheme. 

This is CLEARLY influenced by none other than our intrepid and fearless leader Dave Portnoy, who's been coming for the Suits in Mismatched Collars for months now.


So with DDTG being ALL the rage, and new millennials getting into the markets, it shouldn't surprise anyone that the Barstool Doge Club was born in the dark of night. 

Quigs, our resident Tik Tok expert, decided while all of these idiots try and get Doge to $1, markets WILL move, and we can all get in and out before this thing becomes Bernie Madoff level bad. 

And if no money is made... it's all good. "Doge isn’t about the money, it’s about the journey, the friends you make along the way."

Thanks Quigs. 

All good stories need a villain.

Enter one Kevin Francis Clancy.

All of a sudden, KFC became a market MOVER. 

And typical of the Greatest Mush in Modern History, the $DOGE collapsed immediately after.



The end result is that Tik Tok and Barstool, two of the greatest internet superpowers, have converged and decided to take this Shiba Inu inspired crytocurrency to the moon, or possibly in KFC's case, straight into the ground. 

Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 11.16.24 AM.jpg

The great shame of the Barstool Doge Club, of course, is that it hit the ONE WEEK Davey Day Trader and #DDTG Global (two globals because one is not enough) is off due to eTrade being "a fucking cunt" and kicking Portnoy off their platform. 

Dave owning ALL the $DOGE would have made for a a helluva week.