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I Am Depressed After Seeing The NFL Standings For The Last Decade

Womp, womp, womppppp.

This is not what I needed to see waking up in the middle of a long, hard week. The Cleveland Browns are 42-117-1 over the last ten years? I mean, I knew we were bad, but comparatively looking at some of the other teams I thought were really "bad".......nope, we're truly in a league of our own. The Jaguars won 9 more games than us. The Raiders won 21 more games than us. Even the Redskins and Jets won 20+ more games than us. This is disgusting. It's honestly impressive how consistently terrible the Browns have been over such a long period of time when everyone else is up and down. And that's my biggest takeaway from this graphic: the amount of parity in the NFL (aside from one team).

Every team with a pulse gets their 15 minutes of fame in today's NFL. The Rams, who are 13 games below .500 this decade, have won their division 2 of the last 3 seasons. They were in the Super Bowl two years ago, and they're going for their 4th straight winning record. That's all after being terrible for 6 straight years. The Titans are 22 games below .500 but have also been in the playoffs in two of the last three seasons. Played in the AFC Championship last year. Even the Giants, who are 20 games below .500, won a Super Bowl this decade!!

Only the Buccaneers rival the Browns with their lack of success, not having made the playoffs in the entire decade. But even they went 10-6 in 2010 and have still won 17 more game than us over the years. There's really no comparison between the two. AND they have Tom Brady now, so they're time is coming around again.

But speaking of Tom Brady, I'm not sure what's more impressive in this graphic: the Browns only winning 42 games in a decade, or the Patriots only losing 35 games in a decade. Could you guys imagine what it would feel like to be a Patriots fan? They averaged 12.5 wins and 3.5 losses per season over the last decade. You could go 3-4 years in Cleveland without winning 12 games total. BUT, and I hate to see this alarming of a graphic for the Browns and defend them, BUT, I do want to know what would happen if the Browns and Pats switched divisions. Are the Jets, Dolphins, and Bills so bad over the years because they have to play the Pats, or are they just bad? Would the Pats have had the same success against the Steelers and Ravens for 10 years? 

Not sure, folks. Not sure.