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Does This Look Like The Face Of A Chick That Went Into Her Ex-Boyfriends House To Light Him And His Girlfriend On Fire While They Slept?

Islamorada, Florida (Source) – Nicole Ingram Dobol, a 26-year-old Islamorada woman was jailed Wednesday after she allegedly stalked her ex-boyfriend to his house, then set fire to his mattress as he and another woman slept. According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, Dobol reportedly ran into her ex-boyfriend’s roommate at the Hog Heaven Bar and Grill, then asked him where she could find her former lover. The roommate stated that the ex-boyfriend had gone home for the night, but told her not to visit the apartment. Dobol ignored the warning and went to the apartment anyway. Investigators say Dobol forced her way into the apartment, snuck into her ex-boyfriend’s room and found him asleep with another woman.

That’s when Dobol allegedly set fire to the mattress, then taunted the couple as they awoke to the smell of smoke. The couple, who were not injured by the fire, dragged the mattress to the apartment’s balcony and extinguished the flames outside. The victim’s roommate, who had returned to the apartment during the ordeal, said Dobol admitted to lighting the fire and told him that it “made her crazy” to see her ex-boyfriend with another woman. During Dobol’s arrest, it was discovered that she also had an outstanding warrant for her arrest from a previous incident. Dobol was booked into jail and charged with arson and burglary.

First of all, is this roommate the worst roommate of all time? He went home but don’t go there? Seriously man? That was the best you could come up with? Couldn’t throw out a white lie. Maybe say he’s out of town, or has explosive diarrhea, basically anything besides “he’s at his apartment with a chick”. You could have handed Nicole Dobol a tank of gas and a book of matches and you wouldn’t have been more responsible for your roommate being lit on fire.

Second, and more importantly,  you would think the logic of “I can’t stand seeing my ex-boyfriend with another chick so my solution is to stalk my ex-boyfriend to his house and always see him with other chicks” makes no sense but I completely understand where Nicole Dobol is coming from. Hate makes you stronger. I want to ignore all the people I hate in my life. I want to unfollow Rovell and Schefter and Crowder on twitter, but I can’t, because then what would I do? Be normal and happy? That sounds terrible. Life is about hate, and lighting people on fire while they sleep, if you don’t understand that then I feel sorry for you.