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Western Kentucky Is Trying To Guilt Trip Kentucky To Schedule Them In Hoops By Using Charity And Begging Publicly

Hey WKU, shut the fuck up. You can't try and guilt trip Kentucky, you're a tiny brother. You don't get to try and force Kentucky's hand publicly while throwing charity out there. In fact it's kind of sick how you're willing to use charity as a reason to play Kentucky. This is not how you live by some things are bigger than sports. 

And listen, I get it, they want a shot and the big, bad guy in the state. But guess what? You don't get to determine if Kentucky plays you. Kentucky schedules however the fuck they want and you're just Western Kentucky. You're not even the whole state. You're just 1 of the 4 directionals. A little busy scheduling some big time programs, WKU. Don't need your shit pleading publicly for a game. 

I'll say this though. I'm more thrilled to schedule Marshall and UAB now - teams that are in the same conference as WKU. Just really rub in their face that you'll schedule Conference-USA teams and they can deal with it. Need to keep pissing off WKU every year now. Schedule a bunch of C-USA teams nonstop.

As for Kentucky's schedule, I love it. I don't want the same teams year after year outside of Louisville. Play the Champion's Classic, the CBS Classic, SEC/Big 12 Challenge and then schedule a random group of teams from like Purdue, Notre Dame, Michigan, WVU, Memphis, etc.