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The Meals At Disney In The NBA’s Bubble Are To Die For


Oh hell yeah. Nothing quite sums up the lavish lifestyle often associated with the NBA quite like these pictures Troy Daniels posted to IG from inside the bubble. To post these pictures bragging in our faces like this, during a pandemic no less, is nothing short of unbecoming. Really high stepping right in our mugs that the rich do indeed get richer while the rest of us have to slog through our daily portions of protein bricks made exclusively from ground up cockroaches. These posh motherfuckers built a mansion on easy street and they just paved that street with 24-karat gold. You really have to feel for us commoners, the first responders, small businesses like the Los Angeles Lakers, during times like this. Does Troy Daniels have no shame flaunting this 5 star meal all over the internet? If Adam Silver had a spine he’d suspend Daniels for his lack of couth in the face of an international pandemic. Just play some basketball with your computer generated “I’m a good person!” message on the back of your jersey and keep the Wolfgang Puck originals to yourself. It’s the least you could do while spending months away from your families in hopes of not catching a disease we know little about. 


UPDATE: Got a full picture of the meal and it looks more fantastic than we ever imagined.


Screen Shot 2020-07-07 at 11.34.02 PM.png