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I Am TERRIFIED, Clueless, And Live On Twitch Playing Resident Evil 7 Right Now. Please Come Help Me.

Much like the above tweet says I handled Freddy Fazbear and his band of killer animal animatronics with ease. And by with ease I mean playing until 6am then eventually finishing it 2 hours into the next night. I had a lot of fun being terrified by Freddy and his friends Duck, Dog, and most importantly that fucker Foxy. Good times were had by all.  

Next up was Outlast which many told me was the scariest game ever created due to the characters running around the insane asylum & the person you are is a helpless journalist. The ending of it was fucking repulsive & I never want to think about it again. 10+ hours of my life recording people in an insane asylum only for some demon to possess me and the world to never see my footage.  ERRONEOUS!

But now. Now we are starting a new adventure & that adventure is Resident Evil 7. I am going into this one completely blind. Absolutely NO IDEA what the gameplay is, how to survive, who I'll be fighting, or anything. All I know is that I was told I can fight back to the bad guys in this unlike Outlast...that roped me in.

We're in.