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The Sound Of A Baseball Leaving Jarred Kelenic's Bat Should Be Illegal To Hear In The State Of New York

I almost asked Mets fans not to open this blog because I didn't think we needed any more pain to come from the Jarred Kelenic trade and whenever you hear a ball sound like that coming off of a bat, 1 of 2 things are true: 

1. The hitter is special

2. The pitcher is 2019 Edwin Diaz

However, I have pivoted to the Ashley Schaeffer school of thought

Giphy Images.

We need to not only hear watch that sweet swing with our eyes and hear that thundering sound with our ears but we need to feel that entire video in our plums while our souls scream "Oh my God" like the dude in the video. Living in constant fear of what some 20 year old kid MIGHT become is the epitome of what life has been as a Mets fan for the last 30 or so years. It is also exactly the kind of shit I hope Uncle Stevie will put an end to. Not shortsighted trades like dealing a first round pick with tons of value for a closer with one great season under their belt and a 2nd baseman with his best days as well as a PED suspension behind him. But I want Mets fans to know if their team trades a guy like that away, their owner will do whatever is necessary to bring him back because he is the real life Bobby Axelrod. 

So I hope that all the people that enjoy bathing in Mets fans tears every time a Kelenic video like this hits the internet because it is only a matter of time until the most powerful force in baseball arrives in Flushing to call Citi Field his home.

Thank God this big son of a bitch is on our side and hopefully is for the rest of his career