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In Meeting With President Trump, Miami Board Of Trustee Throws Up The U As He Says Miami Will Be Playing Football This Fall

The "um..." after this man threw up The U was certainly awkward, but you know what they never know what you're going to see on CSPAN! You may turn it on to hear forced laughter between high ranking members of the education community pretending to understand what "The U" is. 

I hope to god this video isn't Old Takes Exposed in the coming months. As I look down at my calendar, we are somehow in July and under 60 days until the first CFB game is supposed to happen. Teams are on campus and working out, the results are mixed in terms of how it is going COVID-19 wise. Some schools have shut down voluntary workouts to contain mini-COVID outbreaks (Kansas State), while others have had close to zero cases (Notre Dame). The logistics behind a season happening are going to be difficult, but I am staying positive. Tomorrow the Ivy League will announce their decision, which will reportedly have a domino effect across the nation:

That decision, by all reports, will be that the Ivy League will have a spring college football season. Will that affect the SEC? I doubt it, but it could be an indication that this fall could be incredibly limited when it comes to the sport almost all of us love.