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Tony Romo Made A Little Deflategate Joke At The AMC Awards






I have no idea why Romo would agree to do this. What’s the best possible scenario? You agree to read a bad joke about an old topic and for some reason AT&T Stadium becomes the Laugh Factory and you’re hailed as the new king of comedy? Worst case scenario is everyone everywhere watches it and thinks “Terrible, terrible joke. Also what do you mean when you say ‘we’re the Dallas Cowboys!’ because you’re saying it like you’re really proud? Do you mean you haven’t been to a conference final since Seinfeld was on TV? Do you mean you’re an organization beyond ethical questioning and definitely didn’t sign a violent woman beater like yesterday? Finally, do you think Belichick watched this and just jotted down ‘Fuck you’ next to the Cowboys game on the schedule this year? Not the guy or team to give bulletin board material to.” That’s probably what people are saying. Not me, because I get that it’s a dumb little joke and I’m not gonna get offended by it. But people who were offended could say that stuff if they felt like it. Personally I appreciate Tony reminding the world that the Ted Wells report has inexplicably still not been completed/released. So all I have in response to this is thanks you and good luck next year.