Father And Daughter From New York Have The World's Widest Tongues

TelegraphA father and daughter were shocked to discover they have the world’s widest tongues. Byron Schlenker, 47, and his daughter Emily, 14, together hold the Guinness World Records for being blessed with quite an unusual feature. Mr Schlenker’s measures 8.6cm across – the same width as a beer mat and 2cm wider than an iPhone 6 – and his daughter’s is not far behind at 7.3cm.  The fascinating discovery has made Mr Schlenker aka the “gobfather” something of a celebrity in his hometown of Syracuse, New York, US. He had picked up the Guinness Book of World Records and turned to a page featuring a man with the “World’s Widest Tongue”. It was only when he began to wonder how wide his tongue was with his family that he measured it; it was bigger than the one featured in the book. He said: “I get stopped by people at the grocery store or when I’m out in town to take a picture. I have had people come to my house to sign their record book. I even had one lady who asked me to lick her Guinness Book, which I politely declined.” “I’ve loved the attention so far. Most people are just surprised I can talk normally.”

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