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Adam Schefter Bent The Knee To The Liquor Store Employee That Scooped The Shit Out Of Him On The Patrick Mahomes Contract Extension



Adam Schefter may not be the biggest man in the traditional definition of the word, but I gotta tip my hat to Schefty for being big enough to bow before the new chief of Chiefs Twitter. I know there is a case to be made that Schefter snuck into Kate's DMs Littlefinger style so he can swindle her out of any future #scoops along with a couple of bottles of Shirley Temple mix. But when have you ever seen ESPN run a story on the Bottom Line that was broken by someone else?

*Instantly thinks of a zillion examples*

Welp, forget about that! I'm sure this was a really cool moment for Katie even though I wouldn't trust anybody working for the Worldwide Leader as far as I can throw them. Luckily for Kate, she doesn't need to keep her head on a swivel when it comes to the head coach of her football team since he just so happens to be a fucking gem.

Out of all the Andy Reid Tommy Bahama shirts, I never would have guessed the electric floral pattern with the navy background would be the Patrick Mahomes of his wardrobe. But that tells you the kinda guy Big Red is. God I love that man.

Back to Scoop City, if anybody reading this works at a liquor store near Citi Field, slide into my DMs if Fred Wilpon sends his son Jeffy to pick up some of the cheapest champagne money can buy because I neeeeeed first dibs for when our new Mets Pope has officially been christened.