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We Have Major Jayson Tatum News As The Team Prepares For Orlando

You may think this is all a joke, but that just means you haven't been paying attention. Anyone who has followed this team over the last few years and also read the blogs know how important haircut science is to the success of this team. Remember when Jaylen cut his hair and I predicted a breakout year based on years of evidence?

Guess what happened? Oh that's right, he had a breakout year.

Then we have Jayson Tatum. If you don't think his massive leap this year is like 35% due to his beard finally connecting well then you try explaining it. That's what took him to then next level. You don't have to try and justify it, just accept it as fact. Well, as we know he's had himself a nice little curl during quarantine. Personally I love it. Why? Well we all know Deuce is a goddamn legend and the power that his curls give him is well documented. With the Celts headed to Orlando Tatum got himself a nice cut but instead of going back to his old look, he decided to keep some curls. 

That's a BIG deal. 

Imagine a world where you add the swag and power of Deuce to this?

Uh yeah, that's a big deal. That sound you hear is the Celtics ceiling being raised a few levels after seeing what Tatum is bringing with him to the bubble. The haters will say this is stupid but that's just their fear talking. They don't want a cool as fuck February version of Tatum to exist. Sucks to be them.

I thought I was excited for the Celts to be back, but I think it's safe to say things just went up a notch or 10