Did America Turn Into A World Soccer Power While Nobody Was Looking?

Well...no, probably not. They do have this guy, referred to in internet circles(@BarstoolSam) as Baby Jesus

He's pretty good and a regular player for one of the best teams in the world. Something that America has never had. Our best playing against the best instead of playing in the MLS or on load to some middle of the pack EPL or Bundesliga team. I feel like people know about Pulisic now. He's been hyped to the moon as the US Soccer Messiah. America probably doesn't know about the rest of these guys though

Might not know the player names, but anyone has gotten high and accidentally played 7 straight hours of FIFA knows  Man City, Barcelona, Chelsea, Dortmund, and Bayern. We missed the World Cup in 2018, which means the majority of the country hasn't paid attention to soccer since 2014 the last time USA was in the World Cup. They're going to wake up in 2022 and be like…whoa, all of our guys are young and awesome. And then…World Cup 2026 is in America. Basically, what I am saying is, join the America bandwagon now because this group is probably going to win the World Cup and that, combined with nobody's mom letting them play football anymore is what is going to make Soccer relevant in the United States. Feels good to be on the road to the top.