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Someone Tell Tony Hawk To Take A Hike, There's A New Skate King In Town

No offense to the Hawk man or anything but anybody can just spin around a bunch of times. Nothing too special about that. I'm on a swivel chair right now (nottabigdeal) and even I can pull off a quick 900 whilst typing this blog. But the ability to put the body on the line and send it to the absolute maximum like this? It takes a complete and total mad lad. A king of the shred. A legend of the gnar. 

Not a single knee pad, elbow pad or wrist guard in sight either. That's how you know his parents are out here raising a little bad ass. Kid just has zero regard. A reckless abandon. Bones can always heal, but you'll never be able to get back those sends that were only sent at anything less than 100%. Seriously, though, where are his parents? I am nervous.