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I Don't Want Sports Back Just Give Me Videos Of Baseball Players At Top Golf For The Rest Of 2020

A lot of players aren't happy with how the MLB is going about testing procedures thus far since this attempted start up. A lot of people are at home bored out of their fucking skulls because we've been trapped inside our homes for the last four months because we allow the dumbest fucking people alive to dictate how our society functions. So, as per usual, I've come up with the perfect solution for everyone: take the greatest sluggers the game has ever seen and send them to Top Golf - one a day - and let's see some fucking torque. Coworker Alex, Nelson Cruz, and Mike Trout myself above are all the visual proof you need to know this is the high quality sports content that we're all craving. And with no one else around everyone can feel safe and at ease not knowing what risks they're opening themselves out in an attempt to entertain the masses. Make it a challenge, whoever demolishes the largest structure off in the distance with nothing but pure might wins. Imagine what Barry Bonds does to a golf ball? Lmao. I need to see Adam Dunn, Mark Reynolds, Dan Uggla, anyone who only does forearm workouts in the gym to take their talents to Top Golf and really flex on everyone. Win-win, smash that easy button you're welcome, America.