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Blake Griffin's Training Video For Blake Of The Year Is Why He's a Back To Back Champ

Video speaks for itself. You want to be Blake of the Year, well you need to put in the time and dedication like this man does. We're talking cold tubs, having people call you randomly throughout the day, and zero sleeping. Some guys just want it more. Koepka and Bortles were on top of their shit this year, but if you want to beat the best you need to treat it like it's Game 7/Super Bowl Sunday/Masters Sunday...or switch your phone carrier like Billy suggested to Brooks. Did Blake Griffin have a slight advantage since this is his offseason with the Pistons out of contention? Yeah maybe, but that's no excuse for everyone else. 5 seconds just ain't going to cut it when you're facing a future HOF. You also can't give him motivation like Brooks did redirecting to Blake took that to heart and never looked back. 

Now we look ahead at a potential unprecedented three peat next year. I know we got this one minute mini documentary, but I need camera crews following Blake around all week next year to see the method behind the madness. I need a full 'Last Dance' production made out of this. 


Looks like Brooks is going to be okay not winning the fifth major of the year. Also hey Jena Sims next time spoilers? You have to wait a day to post this come on!

P.S. It kinda sucks Blake is so good at basketball and has hundreds of millions of dollars because in my opinion Blake is definitively the funniest athlete in sports and would be the best hire at this company imaginable. Who knows? Maybe he retires in a few years and wants to fully get into comedy? I feel like he's just going to do movies and be huge in that too.