Sign Of The Apocalypse In 2020 #2124152: Elephants Are Just Dropping Dead All Over Africa

(BI)--Authorities in Botswana are dragging their heels in efforts to investigate the sudden death of at least 350 elephants in the space of two months, conservationists told Business Insider. 

It is not certain if the mysterious deaths, which have seen some elephants fall on their faces and never get up again, are attributable to poachers, according to UK-based conservation organization National Park Rescue. 

There are several possible causes. But weeks of inaction from the Botswana administration means elephants are continuing to die with no answers available, said Mark Hiley, National Park Rescue's co-founder.

Over 350 elephants drop dead in one country and NOBODY is talking about it. Elephants, the world's most beloved gentle giant are dying at an alarming rate and it's not even in the top 10 most disturbing thing in the news today. Some reports say it's as many as 500 dead elephants and there are ZERO explanations. None. They don't think it's poachers because all of those valuable tusks are still in place. A complete unsolved mystery to this point and people in the Botswana government are basically like 

At his election, President Masisi said he was putting the needs of the country's population ahead of how western countries value the animals, The New York Times reported. The country auctioned off its first elephant hunting licenses in February 2020, the BBC reported. 

"Botswana was one of the last safe havens for elephants so it's a tragic turn of events for one of the most persecuted species on the planet," Hiley said. 

"The government would normally respond within days to an event of this scale," he said, adding: "The inaction, and the refusal to accept the expertise and resources offered, is only causing more deaths."

They don't give a FUCK. Dead elephants everywhere and they won't even do a test. Speculation that it could be covid related, could be fucking anthrax, and the official policy is "please hold". Botswana has TWO things going for it right now according to their own government...elephants and diamonds. Well hey ASSHOLES, one of those things is dropping dead on their faces. I don't care what you have to do. You stay up for weeks, you hand deliver blood samples to the best animal hospitals in the world, you drive an 18 wheeler loaded up with elephants like that Scene in Free Willy and you figure out how to save these fucking beauties.