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Wild Story From Mexico Involving A Plane Crash On The Highway, 850+ Pounds Of Cocaine, And A Get Away Van

There's a great scene at the beginning of Scarface that laid the groundwork for Tony's rise to the top of the cocaine world. Omar Suarez tells a hostile Montana, "All right! All right, big man? You wanna make some big bucks? Lets see how tough you are. Do you know something 'bout cocaine?" The scene is above. 

The part I always remember is "and chico! If anything happens to that buy money, y pobreci! My boss is gonna stick your heads up your asses faster than a rabbit gets fucked!" The lesson? Don't fuck with the cartel's cocaine or money. Ever. Or the boss is gonna stick your head up your ass faster than a rabbit gets fucked!

That brings us to this wild story out of Mexico. 

SOURCE-An aircraft suspected of being used to carry illegal drugs burst into flames after landing on a highway in southern Mexico on Sunday.

The good news for the fellas on this flight was that they got out alive, but more importantly, they got the cocaine out of the plane. They skirted death two times. 


I'd love to learn more about how the transition of the cocaine to the van. Was it a scene out of GTA where survivors of the crash got out and stole a van from someone on the highway? Sounds like a scene out of a movie. 

According to local media, the military later found a van containing more than 850 pounds of cocaine, with an estimated street value of 109 million Mexican pesos ($4.9 million), which is believed to have come from the plane.

850 pounds of cocaine? SHEEEEEESH. 

God bless the pilot and the drivers of that van. They're gonna need all the luck in the world. 

P.s. Big payday for the Mexican military. I'm sure they'll just "dispose" of the 850+ pounds of cocaine. No way there will be a buyback or anything like that.