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The PLL Championship Series Schedule Is Here And I Don't See Any Way The Waterdogs Don't Go Undefeated

Ladies and gentlemen, dudes and girl dudes, we are now less than 3 weeks away from the 2020 PLL Championship Series in SLC. The fellas are getting ready to ship out for training camp and the schedule is finally here. And on Sunday July 26 at 4pm ET, history will be made as a new dynasty is born. 

First of all--great call with having the Redwoods and Whipsnakes open up the season on NBC. Get a little 2019 Championship rematch on the main NBC channel to really get the juices flowing right off the bat? Genius, Lloyd. Sheer genius. But everybody knows that the season doesn't truly start until 24 hours later when the 7th team in the league gets their first game under their belt. And after just one quick glance at this schedule, I don't see how it's possible that the Dawgs don't go undefeated. 

They start off with the Atlai in their first game. The thing with that is that Paul Rabil is a co-founder of the league. And as a co-founder of the league, he has to know that it would be bad business for an expansion team to come in and get shit kicked right off the bat. Think about how huge it was for the Vegas Golden Knights to go to the Cup Final in their first year of existence. It instantly made them a relevant team in a league which had been around for 100 years. You can't expect the Waterdogs to build a fanbase if they fucking suck in the first year. So right off the bat, they get a massive win on the main NBC channel to start off the history of the franchise. Waterdogs 1-0. 

Game #2 they have the Archers. And I've already said this but for my money, I think the Archers are the best pick for your money to win it all this summer. Not only did they add Grant Ament in the draft, not only will they have a healthy Tom Schreiber, but like half of their roster is on the Utah lacrosse coaching staff. So this whole tournament is basically a home game for the Archers. With that being said, they are the last game on the 27th and then they're the early game on the 28th against the Waterdogs. I know these guys are in peak shape but that's a tough turnaround to take on a team who is buzzing after their first game and first dub. Waterdogs move to 2-0. 

Game #3 the Dawgs are taking on the Chrome on July 31. The Chrome were the worst team in the league last season. Granted, they were 2-8 with a goal differential of just -10. So it's not like they were getting completely worked out there. They were just on the wrong end of a lot of 1-goal games. They lost their final 5 games of the season by a combined total of 6 goals. Plus they got a new coach and added Matt Gaudet who is a certified net stuffer. But if they're still showing up this season wearing pink socks for game days, then it's over for them before it even starts. You show up wearing pink socks to play against the Dawgs and you're getting buried like a bone. Waterdogs 3-0. 

Game #4 is a quick turnaround against the best regular season team from last season. August 1 against the Chaos. And the Chowse are going to be even filthier this year than they were last season. They're adding Austin Staats and Curtis Dickson to the offense which put up the 2nd most goals in the league last year. But history has a knack of repeating itself. And if the Chaos had the best record in the league at the end of last year's regular season, only to get bounced in the 1st round of the playoffs? Well maybe they won't want to end the regular season with the best record this go around. So the Chaos make the strategic effort to lose this game and end the regular season closer to the middle of the pack. Waterdogs 4-0. 

So there you have it. A quick 4 up and a quick 4 down for the Dawgs. That would give them a bye straight to the semifinal round. So their last game is against the Chaos on August 1 and they won't have to play again until August 6. A full 5 days to rest and prepare for whoever they have in the semis? Sounds like easy money to me. And if they're going to win 5 straight games, at that point they might as well just do the damn thing and win the 6th in the championship on Sunday August 9 @ 12:30pm. Tune in if you want to be a part of something special. 

"Get in, loser. We're going to win a championship"