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Dente Wants To Move To Chicago And Turn Us Into Milton, Should We Lift His Lifetime Ban?

This came out of nowhere this morning and I don't have the slightest idea why. Truthfully it doesn't even matter because Dente was banned from Chicago almost two years ago by Tony Da Mimbo and he's not allowed back even if he wants to come: 


Sales Guy Jr. aka Chuck Naso weighed as well:

Harsh, but fair. Truthfully, anyone who gives Gene and Jude's a 5.0 on a pizza scale and lives only to see a banishment from city limits got off pretty easy IMO. If it were up to me, he would have been incarcerated for 3-5 years at Statesville, but to each their own. 

Here are the videos we put out with him. And before you all start bitching at me, Vito and Nick's, Rosangela's and Phil's were all closed so these are the places we could review:


Just abhorrent behavior. Having said that, I'm also a man that is a sucker for an apology. If Dente swallows his pride and ego then apologizes for his gross misconduct, should we welcome him back to Chicago for the first time since Eddie and I kidnapped him for a few hours to go on our pizza review tour?

I don't know. We'd be going back on our words. I'm a man of integrity and gumption and would never say something without following through on it, so Dente moving to Chicago and turning our 9x9 shitbox office into Milton would be us not holding him accountable for his actions. 

I'm not sure how to embed a poll in here, so I'll put it to a vote in the comment section. Do we let Dente move to Chicago to turn us into Milton? Yes or no?