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Wake Up With The Best Player Duels Of The Season

One of the best parts about the NBA in 2020 is how much young talent is in the league. It feels like we're living in an era where the collection of talent has never been better. Almost every single team in the league has at least one stud player and the beauty of the league is every single night there's a good chance you are going to see an epic battle. Stars going against stars, young phenoms going up against other young phenoms, players with beef, the whole nine yards. And if one thing is for certain, its that this season was loaded with awesome duels. We had Zion vs LeBron, Harden vs Beal, Luka vs Lebron, Dame vs Young, the list goes on and on. 

So why not spend some time this morning reliving the best of the best, because with only 23 days left until the league is hopefully back, this sort of shit is going to be back in our lives again. We can do this.