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Wake Up With Fleetwood Mac LIVE

I got into a bit of a tiff with someone this weekend. We were doing standard 4th of July shit and she (not to brag) and I argued about Fleetwood Mac. She (not to brag) said she didn't like them too much and thought they were grossly overrated. I disagreed and even went as far as saying Lindsey Buckingham is totally underrated as a musician. I mean they have about a billion hits as a band, all of which have an awesome guitar sound. Dude fucking RIPS it on guitar:


I saw Fleetwood Mac about 5 years ago on Valentine's Day at the All State arena and they were AWESOME live and as soon as the concert was over, I knew I had to see them on their second Chicago leg of their world tour the following year. This is back when Christie McVie rejoined the band for the tour and they could play their full catalogue, which (apparently) was not the case in previous years because she owned a lot of the music.

The only thing with them is they are all just complete and total weirdos. I remember Stevie Nicks talking about how she's a gypsy between sets non stop and it was kinda awk. That and the whole band fucked each other non stop and they cheated each other with each other apparently. Whatever though they are one of the best musical acts ever and if you disagree you can fuck yourself. 

PS - seriously go listen to Lindsey Buckingham when you have a chance. He's a freak on the guitar