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I'm Begging Every Person Associated With The Knicks To Stop Doing Multiple Interviews With Jason Kidd Because You Think Giannis Likes Him

NOOOOO!!!! For all things Walt Fraizer and Willis Reed please stop with this shit. Just stop. Jason Kidd is not a good coach. He's one of the greatest point guards of all time but he was a fucking mess as a head coach. I don't want to hear that a source says Giannis likes him. Read this quote and tell me how much faith you actually have

Antetokounmpo will be a free agent in 2021. When Kidd joined the Lakers as assistant, the scuttlebutt was he would succeed Frank Vogel when “The Greek Freak’’ became free. Antetokounmpo was said to be “devastated’’ when the Bucks fired Kidd.

“LeBron loves Kidd,’’ one team executive told The Post. “But Giannis swears by him.’

The answer is zero. You should have zero faith that this means anything. Of course LeBron loves him. They played together on Team USA, they played against each other for years. It's not that surprising. We've seen Jason Kidd try to work with a young team before in Milwaukee. It wasn't a drastic failure or anything like that. It just wasn't ... it wasn't the answer, let's put it that way.

That's what the Knicks need. I know there are reports that Devin Booker is a legit target, but he's still only 23. The Knicks actually have draft capital to build a young roster without ruining it. They also have cap space thanks to the smart thing of the 1+1 deals they signed the 12 power forwards to this past offseason. Yes, they are a long way away from being relevant, but they actually have a couple things that make sense. That's rare for us to say about the Knicks. 

Like yeah no shit the Knicks should be after Giannis. But this? This isn't the way to go about it. If Giannis really wanted to play for Jason Kidd, wouldn't he you know, still be the coach of the Bucks? Is Giannis really that appreciative of Kidd moving him to the lead guard spot? Again, this just feels like the standard reach of 'player had a come up with one coach, let's link them together.'

Again, I'm just trying to be realistic here (until there's a report of a star wanting to the play for the Knicks and then it's texting Clem for photoshops). The smart thing to do is keep the cap space, make a play at guys like Giannis but build through the draft. Just look at the Nuggets. That's the recipe to follow. They hit with Jokic as a find obviously but they also worked out with Jamal Murray, they smart signings, Gary Harris was a good player for a little bit there. They are what the Knicks should try to follow. I'm not asking for much as a fan, just a little bit of relevancy, a few more Garden Games and absolutely not Jason Kidd as head coach.